hey guys ive been having some issues with my internet which is why ive been MIA the past 4 days,  but i just set up a queue that should last the next week or so!!! i hope either things will be resolved by then or i can get back on to set up more of a queue! :)

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No, I didn’t just finish the final episode of Go On. No, I didn’t form a massive crush on Matthew Perry while watching the show. No, I didn’t cry at the end of the last episode….

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Go On Challenge: 5 friendships (3/5) - Lauren & Ryan

If you don’t know you know.

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Go On Challenge: 5 friendships (2/5) - Anne & Ryan

Oh honey, we’re gonna be okay.

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Go On Challenge: 5 relationships (1/5) - Janie & Ryan

Hey buddy boy!

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thina18 asked:
Hi, I love your blog so much! I love Go On so much! I wish it was never canceled, but quick question, I've already asked a few Matthew Perry fans and they didn't know, so hopefully you can help me out. Did Go On, ever come out on DVD? Thank you ^-^

glad you like the blog :~] and i agree, i wish it had gotten another season AT LEAST!!! 

to my knowledge, no, Go On was never released on DVD and I doubt it ever will be. usually network shows are available on dvd within 3-5 months of the season finale, usually the DVD of the season would come out right before the next season starts, but since NBC didn’t order a second season they also probably didn’t order any DVDs of the show into production and with that it was probably the end of Go On for them.

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I love this woman and agree with her 100%.


I love this woman and agree with her 100%.


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Go On Challenge: 5 episodes: [3/5]

Ted Williams said that the hardest thing to do in sport is to hit a baseball. A round ball, round bat, and you have to hit it square. It’s not easy, but when you connect and you hear that sound, you just… you just feel like everything is gonna be okay. It may feel like a solitary sport when you step into the box, but the truth is you’re one of nine.

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What exactly qualifies you to tell people anything?

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Go On Challenge: 5 episodes: [2/5]

When you sit here listening to someone else’s problems you might smile and nod but a big part of you is thinking “My thing’s worse than your thing!” Am I right?

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